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New Casablanca Cinema is a new motion picture production, marketing and distribution operation.

New Casablanca Cinema is dedicated to restoring the Golden Age of Hollywood incorporating tight scripts, new faces, 4K technology and all that makes for restoring fun once again at the theater or in your home.

New Casablanca Cinema will produce and distribute 3 films over the course of the next 3 years, employing a new business model that employs some conventional financing along with crowdfunding best practices. This allows fans to be involved early on in the production of a film ensuring pre-marketing and pre-sales success.

Company Info


What's the Meaning of Life in Texas!

What's the Meaning of Life in Texas! is a documentary film that will take viewers to all corners of the great state of Texas to discover the ultimate truth!

No Refuge

A spy thriller.

Childhood's End

Working on getting rights for this Arthur C. Clarke science fiction classic.


Coming soon!


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